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Connected Car

Connected Car: The Car For The Future

The digital revolution is currently making a deep impact on the automotive industry, offering practically unlimited possibilities for more pleasant and safe driving and travelling experience. Connected vehicles have the potential to transform the way world travel through the creation of a safe, interoperable wireless communications network a system that includes cars, buses, trucks, trains, traffic signals, cell phones, and …

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Asia-Pacific An Emerging Market

Asia-Pacific An Emerging Market For Ivd Technology

Economic growth in the Asia-pacific region is fueling investment in national healthcare infrastructures and expanding access to healthcare. China, India and emerging Southeast Asia countries, such as Indonesia, are some of the key markets for the healthcare sector in the region. Thailand is regarded as one of the most preferred places for medical tourism, as the cost of most of …

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Automotive Radar Technology

Automotive Radar Technology, The Roadmap

A technological innovation is transforming the automotive sector worldwide. The growth and development of advance driver assistance system application has enabled the development of autonomous driving technology. The major global automakers are spending heavily on research and development infrastructure and are constantly working on developing advance technologies to gain a strategic edge in the competitive business environment. There is a …

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Robo Taxis

The Future Of Robo Taxis

In mid-November 2017, transportation sector’s worldly-wise people assembled at Columbia University to deliberate the future of mobility in the fall symposium of the American Geographical Society. Presented by the Earth Institute, the occasion delivered a hopeful picture of the world in 2050: Hyperloop pods will transport us farther and faster; drones will patrol our infrastructure to keep roads and bridges harmless; geocoding systems will help ambulances …

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India Electric Rickshaw

India Electric Rickshaw – Opportunity or Threat

The e-rickshaw service in India is pollution-free and green in nature as there is no emission of smoke or pollution from it. The e-rickshaws do not need any diesel, petrol, CNG or LPG. Moreover, it provides a viable economical mode of transport, as it is very cost-effective, both for the drivers and the passengers. One e-rickshaw costs around Rs. 90,000 …

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Coivd 19 Impact On Global Automobile Sector

Coivd 19 Impact On Global Automobile Sector

The outbreak of COVID-19 was identified in China in Dec 2019. However, the spread of Coronavirus does not remain limited to China, more than 175 countries and territories have reported cases of COVID-19. As of 14th April, 1,812,734 are confirmed infected cases of COVID-19, while 113,675 have lost their lives. Covid-19 has a shocking effect on the world’s economy. Almost all the …

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Automotive Companies & Dealerships In India

Impact Of Covid-19 To Automotive Companies & Dealerships In India

Since World War, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is defining the global health crisis of our time and the extreme challenge the humanity have faced. The emergence of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), which originated in Wuhan, China in late last year, is fast spreading its limbs across the world. Coronavirus cases are rising daily in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and …

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