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Innovating with Scents: A Deep Dive into the Digital Scent Technology Market


Digital scent technology refers to online communication using the human nose. it’s a vital application for the e-nose. Digital scent technology permits the transmission of odour over the internet. The technology works with the assistance of olfactometers and electronic noses.

A California-based company, Digiscents Inc. has created a tiny device referred to as the iSmell that has its driver and might be connected through a private laptop via serial ports.

The expansion of the digital scents market may be augmented by developments in virtual reality. computer game enhances the options of the computers by introducing new ideas similar to Digi smell, which is a combination of hardware and package. The hardware part produces the smell and therefore the software part helps in generating specific signals for specific smells. Digital scent technology works by writing aromas, which are then downloaded into computers as hearable sounds. This technology conjointly permits the user to supply and modify their fragrances.

How it was Invented?

As we recognize that many scientists have commenced digital reality in the last five to six years. As digital reality, they’ve got a complete concept as digital theatre. These theatres include digital hand gloves, virtual scent, multipoint surround sound system, motion controllable seats, 3d goggles. For example, if we’re looking at a film and see the burning of tier, then we can fill that scent in the theatre, computer, or television. The simple concept for this becomes given with the aid of using the fragrance-making groups for the classified ads in their perfumes.

Founders of the Digital scent technology

Founders Dexster Smith and Joel Lloyd Bellenson, specialists in bioinformatics and genomics, commenced from the subsequent concept: “If we will locate the essence of an organic scent and construct a profile, we will digitalize and broadcast it.” They got here up with the concept for the agency at the same time as they have been in South Beach. Using their medical knowledge, they listed and analysed herbal smells stated to be not unusual places in South Beach including flowers, salt water, and suntan lotion.

Hardware Devices:

Smell Synthesizer– The smell synthesizer is the device used to come up with the smells. Equivalent to iSmell may be a device accustomed to manufacture the gas employing a computer. There are numerous kinds of smell synthesizers offered within the market, except for the pc the smell synthesizer is created the by digiscents industry.

iSmell– The iSmell is a peripheral device, regarding the scale of a computer speaker that connects to a computer via a serial or USB port. It uses consumable cartridges which are used and replaced similar to the means inkjet printers use ink cartridges. The iSmell device reads a digital scent file, creates a smell from a “palette” of 128 chemicals holds an associate exceedingly cartridge, then wafts into the air with a tiny low fan.

Cartridge– The cartridge will contain chemicals either natural oils or artificial fragrances that may be activated by either heat or atmospheric pressure once you send a symbol from your computer. Currently, 128 chemicals are stored in a cartridge. In a kind inkjet printer, those oils type the core of a similar cartridge, that is inserted within the company’s iSmell device.

Scentography– It may be a new variety of expression that allows the mixing of scents with ancient digital multimedia, equivalent to games, DVDs, and net sites. By permitting you to communicate with smells, Scentography adds a brand-new dimension and richness to websites and just about the other variety of electronic/digital communication. the potential to digitize and broadcast scents can change vendors and shoppers to send scented mail, establish smell ‘n look electronic kiosks, create, and watch scented DVDs, and play scented games and simulations.


Digital scent technology has numerous applications, including:

  • Send scented email
  • Watch scented DVDs
  • Play scented video games
  • Sample a perfume from a beauty product’s website
  • Smell the assortment of freshly brewed coffees for sale in their online store

Effects of digital smell for different site

Digital Scent Technology Market Scope and Market Size

The digital scent technology market is divided into three sections: hardware devices, applications, and end-use products. The growth among segments allows you to analyse niche pockets of growth and market approaches to determine your core application areas and the difference in your target markets.

  • The digital scent technology market is divided into two categories based on hardware devices: e-nose and scent synthesizer
  • The digital scent technology market is divided into five applications: food & beverage, military & defense, medical, marketing, environmental monitoring, entertainment, and others
  • The digital scent technology market is divided into smartphones, smelling screens, music and video games, explosives detectors, quality control products, medical diagnostic products, and others based on end-use product

The global market size of the digital scent technology market in 2020 was USD $996.6 million. Throughout the forecast amount from 2021 to 2030, it’ll grow at a compound annual rate of growth (CAGR) of 10% and can be digital in 2030. the worldwide marketplace for fragrance technology is projected to achieve USD $2584.9 million.

Major Players

Digital Scent Technology: Market Dynamics

Driver: Expanding software and improvements in e-nostril technologies

E-noses have supplied a plethora of several industrial industries. The e-nostril detects modifications withinside the air composition, thereby retaining the ability to become aware of a hazard of smell nuisance or different gas-associated risks. Manufacturers also are targeted on growing low-value and low-energy IoT-enabled transportable noses.

Restraint: Delay between successive tests while using e-nose

The major disadvantage of the usage of the e-nose has been the takeaway amongst successive checks between 2 and 10 minutes—at some point of which time the sensor is to be washed through manner of a reactivating agent, this is carried out to the array for you to get rid of the odorant mixture from the ground and the bulk of the sensor’s active material.

Opportunity: Application of e-nose in security and military sectors

The digital heady fragrance era isn’t always simplest used for diagnosing sicknesses, but also additionally in security and navy sectors. Rising numbers of bomb blasts are disturbing an era that could stumble on explosives fast and effectively. Therefore, Digital scent era utilized by the police and military can be used to stumble on explosives in public regions in addition to battlefields.

Challenge: Unpredictability of airflow

The digital scent era is all approximately producing and sensing specific styles of smells. The generated scent may be suffering from the glide of air, which can lessen its authentic impact. Air glide can blend different smells gift around, specifically in public places. This unpredictability of air glide impacts the revel in of scent, except air glide is managed in a closed area.


Most of the “Scent Ware” applications available today operate at a very simple level and aren’t capable of reproducing the very complex protein level of molecule modelling that commercial fragrances require. While pizza, popcorn, and apple pie are already stock smells in several scent ware collections, replicas of some of the more complex foods that big distributors want to entice you with just won’t be possible. The technology is still immature and will require a committed partner and reasonable investment to customize the results.


A Scent has a strange power over human beings. It can create a mood, such as foreshadowing or ambiance. It can intensify emotions such as fear or love. It can also give the sensation of virtual reality and suspension of disbelief. “The Sense of smell is closely tied to memory and emotion, making scent a powerful way to reinforce ideas”. There are several streams over which this digital smell is used, Such as over the television, theatre, and the web. Hence, we conclude that this digital smell will revolutionize the world. And at every place, we will require this device, such as for scented mail, scented movies, and scented songs etc. This device will become our need in the future.

Author: Dipanshi Singh

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