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Europe Dishwasher Market

Europe Dishwasher Market is expected to foresee significant growth. Germany to lead the growth!

A dishwasher is a cleaning appliance that pushes multiple jets of water through spray arms onto neatly arranged, soiled dishes causing food, grease, and grime to fall away, leaving dishes and utensils clean and ready to reuse. The development of the modern dishwasher has enabled people tasked with cleaning a kitchen after a meal to accomplish that task with ease. The device has one primary goal, washing dishes, glassware, pots, and pans with higher temperature water and with specialized cleaning cycles that are more effective than manual methods of cleaning.

The Europe Dishwasher Market is expected to grow at a steady rate of around 5% owing to the growing disposable income of customers.  Today it is estimated that 44% of the households in the EU are equipped with a dishwasher. Also, a consumer can easily increase energy usage by 50% without being aware of doing so, when goods are pre-treated, appliances are incorrectly loaded, or inappropriate programs are selected. The framework set out by the European Council in October 2014, consists of a domestic target of at least a 40% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from 2030

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Based on product, the market is segmented into Freestanding and Built-in. The Free-standing segment grabbed the major market share and dominated the market in 2020.  The benefits associated with free-standing dishware are contributing to the growing market.  freestanding dishwasher allows extra storage space because you don’t have to store it under your counter. The top of freestanding dishwashers is often covered in cutting boards or countertop materials, giving you additional cutting or prep space. 

On the basis of application, the market is categorized into residential and commercial.  The residential sector grabbed a considerable market share in 2020. The availability of dishwashers at affordable procs is contributing to the growing market share. Germany and Sweden have the highest household ownership rate of dishwashers amongst the most populous countries in Europe in 2021. Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and France also have dishwasher ownership rates of 60 percent or higher according to the Statista Global Consumer Survey.

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For a better understanding of the market adoption of the Europe dishwasher industry, the market is analyzed based on its worldwide presence in the countries such as Germany, U.K., France, Spain, Italy, Rest of Europe. In 2020, Germany held a significant share of the Europe dishwasher market. Increasing inclination towards smart kitchen technology in the region. The enhanced technology features of the smart dishwasher allow users to integrate their dishwasher into a smart home design. The increasing demand for kitchen appliances with features such as the convenience of remote control, as well as the unique experience they provide, is likely to boost demand for dishwashers in the region over the forecast period. Some of the major players operating in the market include Electrolux AB, LG Electronics Inc., Whirlpool Corporation, Robert Bosch GmbH, Aga Rangemaster Group, Samsung Group, Asko Appliances AB, Miele, Fagor Electrodomésticos, Haier Group Corporation.

Europe Dishwasher Market Segmentation

Market Insight, by Product

  • Freestanding
  • Built-in

Market Insight, by Application

  • Residential
  • Commercial

Market Insight, by Distribution Channel

  • Online
  • Offline

Market Insight, by Country

  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Rest of Europe

Top Company Profiles

  • Electrolux AB
  • LG Electronics Inc.
  • Whirlpool Corporation
  • Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Aga Rangemaster Group
  • Samsung Group
  • Asko Appliances AB
  • Miele
  •  Fagor Electrodomésticos
  • Haier Group Corporation

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