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Influence Of Purchasing Power

Influence Of Purchasing Power Towards Buying Behaviour Of Locally Produced Foods

Farmers market and consumer’s appetite for local produced food is ever exploding. Locally grown food forms a broader term that majorly describes the production of food within the geographical range of 100 miles (160 km) that could be considered local to the particular area. Locally grown foods are majorly found in regular grocery stores, supermarkets, at farmer’s market or within …

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Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture, Satellite Farming Or Site-Specific Crop Management

Precision Agriculture, Satellite Farming or Site-Specific Crop Management Precision agriculture is based on observing, measuring and responding to inter and intra-field variability of crops to manage crop farming. Precision agriculture is also known as satellite farming or site-specific crop management process. Nowadays, in agriculture, plant breeding and genetic transformation have gained much importance as it accelerates crop quality which ultimately …

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Climate Change

Climate Change, A Global Threat To Agricultural Yield

The Agriculture and Climate can be said to be inextricably linked where climate tends to play a vital role in agricultural production. The major factor behind the change in climate is the emission of “greenhouse” gases in the atmosphere quintessentially from burning fossil fuels. This very effect of the change in climate can be easily witnessed in the Agriculture sector by means …

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Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment in East Africa: Through Investments in Agriculture Supply Chain

Africa is a continent plagued by poverty and inequality. There is a huge discrepancy in terms of educational procurement between the genders, originating the cause of female socio-economic and financial dependency which in turn subjects them to lifelong servitude and abuse. With the rigid social norms dictating separate distinctive roles for men and women, women are left with no access …

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